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Call for Papers abierto para DOAG Conference + Exhibition Noviembre de 2014

El grupo de usuarios DOAG (Deutsche ORACLE-Anwendergruppe e.V.) ha abierto la recepción de propuestas de presentaciones para su Conferencia de Noviembre  (18 a 20) de 2014. Esta es su invitación para participar como ponente:

With our call for presentations we invite you to submit a lecture for DOAG 2014 Conference + Exhibition, November 18th- 20th, 2014 in Nuremberg. Help us to offer Oracle users a wide spectrum of topics and do not miss out on this opportunity to present to more than 2,000 delegates.

Submit your paper

In more than 400 speakers slots the DOAG 2014 provides current information on the successful use of the Oracle products as well as practical tips and tricks. We are looking for presentations from a range of speakers, pitched at all audiences – beginner, experienced and expert – from the following topic areas:
    º Oracle Datenbank
    º Oracle & SAP
    º MySQL
•Infrastruktur & Middleware
    º Oracle Infrastruktur
    º Oracle Middleware
    º Development & Tools
    º BPM
• Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence
• Strategie & Business Practices

General information on DOAG 2014 Conference + Exhibition 2014.doag.org.

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