miércoles, 5 de julio de 2017

Nuestro socio institucional Dbvisit ha anunciado una nueva versión de su Solución de Replicación para Oracle SE y EE

Dbvisit has announced the release of their latest replication solution Dbvisit Replicate Version 2.9. This release reflects the company’s ongoing focus in supporting their customers’ big data initiatives, and the increasing need for access to continuously streaming information for analysis, reporting and business intelligence.

This latest edition of Dbvisit Replicate further adds to the number of supported destinations available for Oracle companies wishing to stream their data, with Tibero and PostgreSQL now added to the current lineup of Hadoop, CSV, Google Cloud SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Kafka and MySQL.

As more and more companies seek to interrogate and analyse their Oracle data for increased competitive advantage, they are looking for ways to easily access this Oracle data. 

Mark Ripma, COO of Dbvisit Software stated, “ As more business departments such as sales, marketing and finance are demanding extended access to company data, the role of DBAs is moving from that of data protectors to data consultants and architects. They are guiding their companies in how to best access and maximize this data for better competitive advantage. We help these teams by plugging directly into this data stream and giving them the means to deliver this flow of data to the right people at the right time.”

Chris Lawless, VP Product Management  added, “ With increased pressure on IT teams to architect more integrated data solutions, our product roadmap is now firmly focused on delivering tools for efficient, real-time data streaming into the tool of choice. We understand the technical challenges of proprietary and siloed information that many Oracle companies face and we are committed to making that transition painless and beneficial for the business.”  

Dbvisit replication solutions allow companies to easily access and exploit that continuous stream of data which results from the detailed interactions of customers, partners and employees with their organization. A 30 day free trial can be downloaded at any time. With Dbvisit Replicate, Oracle Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition customers now have a total solution for streaming real-time data to their BI, analytics or reporting tool of choice. Register now for one of the Dbvisit Replicate upcoming webinars to understand more about how streaming your data with Dbvisit can help your business gain competitive advantage and win.

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