jueves, 5 de octubre de 2017

Fall 2017 issue of Profit is now available

Your Fall 2017 issue of Profit is now available at here.
Start your engines. We are off to the races.
After nearly a year of thinking and tinkering (and a few short months of production), the new-look Profit is here. This latest version of the magazine is most obviously defined by three elements: a new design, a new publishing platform, and a new web experience.
But the process of shifting Profit to a digital business required more than a new logo and new design templates. I have often said that I view Profit as a small business operating within the (much) larger Oracle organization. We have some pressures that should be familiar to leaders at a startup or small-to-medium business (SMB): budget constraints, revenue targets (that our investors are tracking), compressed time frames, administrative demands that compete with our core mission, and an ad hoc technology strategy.
In this way, it feels as if our digital transformation parallels the challenges faced by the growing businesses we talked to this past quarter. Take a look:
Holistic Remedy
Cloud services help create a healthy blend of digital and brick-and-mortar operations for Saudi Arabia’s leading pharmacy.

Passion. Discipline. Freedom.
How digital innovation is raising the stature of SMBs as the primary engines of business growth.

Tools for Growth
SMBs and startups positioning themselves for an IPO or acquisition need finance and accounting solutions that work together seamlessly.

Pay it Forward
A strong cultural foundation is behind Payscout's successful move into the VR commerce market.

Intelligent Choices
AI will only get more powerful. Will we be ready for it?

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