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CLOUD LEADER: Noticias y Análisis para Guiar tu Estrategia Cloud

Cloud Leader, Week of November 6, 2017

News and Analysis to Guide Your Strategy

Editor's Note
Only the Upside
Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) has been around a long time now, but it so far has required a lot of trade-offs. You get the upsides of cloud elasticity and pay-as-you-go flexibility, but you compromise on things such as the control and predictability you get when running in your own data center. So Oracle has a next-generation IaaS built to keep the upside and eliminate the compromises.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure does that by offering the expected cloud-based virtual machines, but also bare metal servers and even engineered systems such as Oracle Exadata—all in the same cloud infrastructure. IT teams "can use the familiar infrastructure patterns they use on premises—for example, a very high-performance engineered system—and they can also adopt cloud-native patterns," says Marc Levy, an architect and vice president of software development at Oracle. Read more in Oracle Magazine about the cloud's breakthrough infrastructure.
—Chris Murphy, Oracle Director of Cloud Content

Video: Experts Discuss Oracle Cloud Infrastructure at Oracle OpenWorld
Video: Experts Discuss Oracle Cloud Infrastructure at Oracle OpenWorld
More Cloud News

The New Battle for Enterprise Cybersecurity
Moving forward, cyberwar will be between machines, which is why, says Oracle Executive Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison, autonomous security technologies are crucial. "The key thing is to find a vulnerability before there's a threat, and shut off the vulnerability or patch the system," he said at Oracle OpenWorld. That's why it's a battle of machine versus machine.
Lessons Learned from Five Digital Transformations
Meet five CIOs revamping their companies' systems for the cloud and get their expert insight into handling issues such as data sovereignty, data access, and obtaining real-time insights from vast stores of data. Seven critical takeaways
Three Big Data Tips to Help Your Small Business Grow
Small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) are no longer priced out from using big data platforms, thanks to cloud-based platforms. But they still need to spend their resources wisely. One tip: Ensure that both internal and external data sources across systems, devices, and channels are aggregated onto a single data platform. Two more tips to remember.
Archiving Your Data to the Cloud Just Got Easier
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Archive Storage is purpose-built to store infrequently accessed data. Discover how it helps offload data from a primary storage array or archive data for a long duration to stay compliant with government regulations. Plus, how much does it cost?
The Road To A 1,000 Mph Car
The Bloodhound Project has reached its biggest milestone so far on its 10-year journey to break the world land-speed record, having completed the first runway trials. The trials create massive data output, which the team manages on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and shares with students to spark their interest in engineering and computing. What's next?
Edward Screven

Oracle's Systems Strategy for Cloud and On Premises
"Our basic strategy for systems is simple," said Oracle Chief Corporate Architect Edward Screven at Oracle OpenWorld. "It's the same as it's always been: We want to build systems for our customers that they can deploy in all the models they care about." Hear his complete keynote.

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