jueves, 4 de enero de 2018

Ultimas Revistas Oracle: Oracle Magazine, Profit, OraWorld

November/December 2017 issue of OracleMagazine, focused on emerging technologies. This issue's cover story, Let Us Take You into the Future, lays out emerging tech announcements and presentations from Oracle OpenWorld—specifically, how Oracle products are delivering innovative new capabilities by way of artificial intelligence, blockchain, chatbots, and the Internet of Things. Read the new issue now or download it for later.

OpenWorld 2017 special issue of Profit magazine. From Sunday, October 1 through Thursday, October 5, Oracle OpenWorld 2017 brought together top technologists and IT leaders for immersive, interactive demonstrations and deep dives into cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions at both Oracle and customer companies. The conference hosted 60,000 attendees from 175 countries; offered 2,300 sessions; provided a speaking platform for more than 3,000 customers and partners; and featured more than 500 Oracle technology sessions, demos, and case studies. For the fourth consecutive year, Profit covers the major announcements and presentations at Oracle’s flagship event with the Oracle OpenWorld Special issue. Get the daily play-by-play from the event, as well as insight from Oracle president Thomas Kurian on the state of enterprise cloud computing and the adoption of emerging technologies.

Read the seventh edition of the e-magazine ORAWORLD!  This issue is all about change: With the GDPR, we all have to prepare for a huge change of legislation concerning the protection of EU citizens' personal data. It's high time to act, so we offer you some last-minute insights in what needs to be considered by designers, coders and testers. The IT market is undergoing an enormous transformation, too: cloud technology opens many new opportunities, while at the same time the next generation of skilled IT workers has yet to be found. Take a look inside the e-magazine to read interesting background stories on how others face these challenges.Again, this issue is packed with many more entertaining and informative stories: Meet the Internet's most famous chatbots, learn about the history of Virtual and Augmented Reality, and dicover the story behind the Firefox logo. In addition, the second part of Phil Wilkins' article on the Oracle Messaging Cloud Service (OMCS) will teach you everything about the message push listeners, the clever feature of OMCS.

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