miércoles, 7 de marzo de 2018

Webinar: 14 Marzo 11am: Cloud de Oracle: IaaS y PaaS

Oracle y Quistor organizan un próximo webinar sobre la oferta Cloud de Oracle en IaaS y PaaS. Luis Mediero, experto de Quistor en gestión de infraestructuras y bases de datos, se encargará de presentar de una manera fluida el potencial de la oferta Cloud de Oracle a través de:
• Ejemplos prácticos
• Demo en tiempo real
• Explicación del nuevo modelo de consumo de servicios Cloud, Universal Credits
• Programa BYOL que permite a las empresas llevar sus licencias a la Plataforma como servicio


11:00-11:05  – Bienvenida 
11:05- 11:50 – Presentación de la oferta Cloud de Oracle

11:50-12:00 –  Conclusiones y preguntas

martes, 6 de marzo de 2018

Disponible Revista Oracle Magazine: Marzo/Abril 2018

New March/April 2018 issue of Oracle Magazine, focused on blockchain technology and modern content management in Oracle Cloud Platform.
This issue's cover story, It's All About Trust, looks at blockchain, what it has done so far, and what it is poised to do. Our story acknowledges the connected history of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency and the blockchain distributed digital ledger technology, but it quickly pivots to focus on the bright future for blockchain as an enterprise technology across industries and use cases, including financial transactions, supply chain management, contract management, pharmaceutical trials, and digital identity management.
This issue's RX: Content Management feature details the content management challenges and opportunities of Turning Point, the UK's leading agency for the treatment and counseling of people suffering from drug and alcohol misuse, mental health issues, learning disabilities, and other debilitating conditions. Up-to-the-minute information is critical in such treatments, so Turning Point uses Oracle Content and Experience Cloud to distribute its potentially life-saving content across a wide variety of platforms—including chatbots and web pages.
The emerging technology and database developer how-to articles in this issue focus on modern devices and data formats. Frank Nimphius demonstrates how to build a pizza-ordering chatbot with Oracle Intelligent Bots Build a Chatbot in Minutes. For database developers, Dan McGhan's It's Better with Two describes how to set up and start developing quickly with Oracle Database Exadata Express Cloud Service and Oracle Application Container Cloud. Steven Feuerstein's JSON and PL/SQL: A Match Made in Database supports that collaborative title with specifics on how to use PL/SQL with JSON.
Read the new issue now or download it for later. The content for all 2017 and 2018 Oracle Magazine issues is available for your desktop, laptop, and mobile web browsers. (Articles from the four most recent issues of Oracle Magazine are also available in a new responsive HTML format at https://blogs.oracle.com/oraclemagazine.)