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Disponible el número Spring 2018 de la Revista Profit

Your Spring 2018 issue of Profit is now available here.
Start your engines. We are off to the races.
What does it mean to develop a relationship with a nonhuman entity? Does it matter that there’s no human on the other end of the line? Do you care if there’s a machine inside your interactions? These are the questions that guided the spring 2018 edition of Profit.
It’s fairly obvious that the line-of-business focus of this issue is customer experience (CX). Since CX stands to benefit most immediately from the adoption of machine interaction, I thought that business practice was the most appropriate lens through which to consider these broader human/machine issues. And the time is right: IDC found that 40% of retailers expect to employ AI in their CX design by the end of next year, 65% of Americans expect most retail interactions to be fully automated within 20 years, and 65% see robots and drones making most city deliveries within the same time frame. Behold, the era of the machine is upon us.
With these numbers in mind, the Profit team started talking with internal and external sources about the role machines will play (or in some cases, are playing) in the customer experience of the future. Take a look:
Open Road
Mack Trucks’ digital marketing campaign for its Anthem highway tractor is as bold and efficient as the new big rig.
When Life Imitates Art
Alex Dombroski, CX strategist and principal sales consultant at Oracle, works to allay concerns about removing the human touch from service interactions.
How to Train Your Chatbot
So how do you create an AI or chatbot that effectively induces empathy for the customer on the other side of the screen?
Lighting the Path
India-based manufacturer Bajaj Electricals plans to shift 20,000 monthly customer queries to a conversational AI.

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