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Sept/Oct 2018 digital edition of Java Magazine is now available: The Leading Edge of Java Development

Magazine Sept/Oct 2018

The great popularity of Java is due without a doubt to the continued aggressive advance of the language and of the larger ecosystem. In this issue, we look at the leading edge of that ecosystem. The great advances are nowhere clearer than in the advent of GraalVM, the ahead-of-time native compiler for Java code that coincidentally is written in Java and supports many other languages—both JVM-based and native. To understand what Graal is and how to use Graal for your own projects, see our article on page 17.

In the enterprise, Java EE has moved out from Oracle’s aegis and is now hosted at the Eclipse Foundation under the name of Jakarta EE, which we examine in detail in anticipation of the upcoming 1.0 release.

Much of Java’s ecosystem success comes from new tools contributed as open source by third parties. One such tool is Hystrix from Netflix, which is an excellent library for assuring uptime in distributed apps—especially microservices. Our coverage of Hystrix shows its benefits and the elegance of its implementation.

Finally, we look at one of the most exciting platform developments: running Java apps on power-sipping ARM processors. As our article demonstrates, migration of existing code is not difficult, and on recent chip releases, it does not entail a compromise on performance.

We also include the next installment of our series on design patterns—this time covering the Visitor pattern.

And of course, this issue includes our usual quiz, editorial, and a book review of an unusually interesting volume.

Enjoy! And if you have critiques, suggestions, or kudos, drop me an email.
Andrew Binstock
Editor in Chief, Java Magazine

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