domingo, 3 de febrero de 2019

Disponible la revista Profit de Invierno 2019

Profit is now available here.

The winter 2019 edition of Profit focuses on issues related to human resources and is defined by some intriguing numbers about the future of work, reflected throughout the issue. Here are a few to consider:
—28% of business and HR leaders anticipate adding gig workers to their workforce.
—89% of Generation Z believes we are entering an era of human/machine partnerships.
—93% of workers would trust orders from a robot at work.

How should HR handle employee complaints about robot managers? How do procurement agents assist in the onboarding of gig workers, and how does Payroll accommodate their compensation? How will managers make decisions about what work should be done by robots and AI and which assignments should go to human workers?

In the process of considering these questions (and talking to HR experts about the future of work), the Profit editorial team landed on a theme: “The Hybrid Workforce.” This is not only a reference to the various ways the workforce is changing but also a deliberate nod to the way Oracle often describes an IT platform on which on-premises and cloud-based systems coexist. I think there is a comparison to make here: as with cloud, different enterprises will adopt a next-generation workforce at a pace that makes sense for them. Nevertheless, the change is inevitable.

Take a look:
How Will You Manage Your Future Workforce?
Recruiting robots, Gen Z takeover, extremely remote workers, a turnover reduction tool, and disruption by the numbers
Safety First…and Fast
The City of Memphis moved to the cloud and streamlined the job application process—ultimately delivering nearly 600 new hires since 2016.
Brave New World of Work
Oracle OpenWorld 2018 showcased AI-powered enhancements and other updates to Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud.
Technology’s Human Touch
How advances in AI and machine learning can humanize our work lives
Searching High and Low
How to recruit top talent when the pool is small
How Do I…Cook For a Crowd?
What can HR leaders learn from the host of a Super Bowl party?

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