Agenda 25 Mayo

Lugar/Place: Oracle, José Echegaray 6, Edificio B, 28232, Las Rozas de Madrid, Madrid  (SPAIN)


Welcome. Bienvenida. SPOUG
Keynote: Oracle y la transición al Cloud (Enrique Martín)

Oracle journey to Cloud (IaaS, PaaS & SaaS): portfolio de productos y elementos diferenciales
45 most useful new DBA commands in Oracle 12.2 (Julian Dontcheff)
As beta tester of 12cR2, I was trying to list and isolate the most interesting and rather important new features of the release from DBA point of view. This presentation will cover the most important 45 new features along with a command representing the feature in 45 slides
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Managing the changes in database structures in agile project with Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler (Heli Helskyaho)
To be able to be agile with the changes in database structures you need a tool. Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler is a free to use tool that can be used for designing different kinds of databases, not just Oracle. The tool is integrated to Subversion to enable the versioning of data structures. The tool also supports reverse engineering to offer the possibility to reverse engineer a database structures to the tool. While the design is in place the tool offers several possibilities for comparing two designs or comparing a design and a database. In this session you will get answers to these questions: How do they work and when to use which? Can I get the ALTER clauses to get my database at the same level with a design? What are the differences on version 3.5 of my database design compared to version 1.7? And many more...
Performance Tuning with SQLDeveloper (Frank Dernoncourt, Oracle/SQLServer DBA)
This presentation is mostly a demo of Oracle's SQLDeveloper monitoring/tuning capabilities. For those who do not yet use that product, it will give an overview of those capabilities and, in all likelihood, make their mouth water. For those who know it already, it will open their eyes to some fantastic possibilities, right at their fingertips. The demonstration shows how to monitor a live performance problem, diagnose it in real-time, and fix it. In order to do that, we will have to - use Monitor Sessions and customise it
- use the new DB Instance graphic monitoring console
- optimise a statement, compare execution plans
To accomplish those tasks, we will leverage  SQLDeveloper's many user-friendly features, with
tips and tricks galore along the way. We will also cover formatting code, AWR/ASH reports, command history, monitoring, the SQL Tuning Advisor, and how to learn more about the Oracle database thanks to SQLDeveloper! Attendees will leave with - tips to do their daily tasks faster - ideas to work smarter - the knowledge that SQLDeveloper can accomplish much more than meets the eye
DevOps for DBAs  (Bjoern Rost)
Organizations are struggling to manage and standardize an ever increasing number of database deployments. This presentation shows how scripting and automation tools can be used to provision databases and to manage resources like users, tablespaces, instance parameters and settings in general. With this setup one can manage a large range of systems from a very small set of descriptive text based configuration files. Moreso, these configs are easily managed in a
revision control system like git enabling agile workflows for database change management.
Building your Mobile Arquitecture in Oracle Cloud. (Ruben Rodriguez Santiago)
Mobility is one of the key points in digital  transformation and it is very important that companies adapt their infrastructures so that they are not outdone by their competitors. With Oracle's PaaS (Platform as a Service) products and development frameworks, it is possible to build all layers of the mobility architecture. With all layers, I refer to the provision of infrastructure, implementation and management of the life cycle of backend systems and their integration with external systems, as well as the design and implementation of hybrid applications using the framework that best suits Business needs or directly in the cloud. In this session we will explore some of the different options we have to build a mobile architecture within the Oracle Cloud and integrate it with external systems or that we already have inside the company. We will also address the different options for developing mobile applications with guarantees and that will allow you to success achieving digital transformation within your company.
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Putting Oracle Cloud to the Test (Francesc Mas)
 In our Accenture Database Labs run a performance test  comparing Oracle IaaS with a major cloud provider. The comparison was done from 2 main perspectives: Performance & Cost.  The analysis also include IaaS, BDaaS, Bare Metal and Exadata on Cloud.
How DBAs can garner the power of the Oracle Public Cloud (Rene Antunez)
Attendees in this session will enhance their skills and job relevancy by gaining new knowledge and skills using the Oracle Public Cloud within their job role through actual use cases . Will detail how backup to the cloud can be used to meet different needs of their organization and how to justify use of new technology within their business. Learn how to create a storage
container, setup OS secure authentication and configure RMAN to use the Oracle Cloud. Perform a backup to the Oracle Cloud and recover from it back to your on-premise server. Learn how to migrate from an on-premise Oracle Database 12c to a pluggable Oracle Database 12c (PDB) in the Oracle Cloud. Then move a PDB in which Developers have completed their
work in the Oracle Cloud back on-premise and into production


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