martes, 14 de mayo de 2019

User Group Champions Program: Disfruta del 25% DESCUENTO en Exámenes de Certificación y Suscripciones de Aprendizaje

Oracle University is partnering with the Oracle Global Customers Programs Team to provide Oracle User Group Champions 25% off the newly released Java SE 11 Learning Subscriptions for all java user group members. 
Advance Your Java SE 11 Career with Oracle Learning Subscriptions
Oracle Learning Subscriptions combine technology lessons, expert videos, best practices, demonstrations, labs and more into one easy solution. These offerings can be accessed 24x7x365. Preview the suggested offerings below and discover how you can learn what is available today and also benefit from continuously added content as it becomes available in your subscription.
Unlimited Product Learning Subscription Best Value
Java is the #1 programming language for developing applications
across conventional and cloud environments. It provides the basis for enterprise applications on a wide range of devices and platforms. The entire range of Java training is covered in the Unlimited Product Learning Subscription
Java Programming Learning Subscription Updated to Include Java SE 11
The Java Programming Learning Subscription covers Java SE 8 and Java SE 11, the long-term support releases, and most widely used versions of Java SE. The curriculum in this learning subscription also offers training on Java EE 7, which is the platform for enterprise Java applications. This learning subscription will fully empower you with an understanding of the Java programming language, new features, and best practices for using it to develop applications.
Core Java Learning Subscription NEW
The Core Java Learning Subscription provides Java SE 11 training for programmers who are new to the language and looking to learn the latest release and to Java programmers who have some experience and want to take advantage of the new features and upgrade their skills.
Watch the Java 11 New Features video that comes with your subscription. In this video, Java experts will guide you through all of the changes and new features of Java SE 11. Learn about new Java SE features, including the Java module system, JShell, convenience methods, new techniques for working with streams, Lambda Expressions, and managing deprecated APIs.

Java 11 Upgrade Learning Subscription NEW
The Java 11 Upgrade Learning Subscription is designed for Java SE 8 developers who have taken the Java SE: Programming I and Java SE: Programming II courses and are looking to leverage and benefit from the new features of Java SE 11. If you are trained on Java SE 6 or Java SE 7, then we recommend you consider taking the Core Java Learning Subscription to benefit from comprehensive training and develop in demand knowledge.

It’s Time: Become a Certified Java SE 11 Developer
The latest features in Java SE 11 bring significant enhancements to the way you write code. With the Java SE 11 Developer Certification you acquire more than experience in the latest Java features–the unrivalled benefits of Oracle Certification will pave your way to a successful career in Java.

Take your career as a modern developer one step further.  
Unlock This Achievement in 2 Ways:
Option 1: Sign Up for the Java Programming Learning Subscription
and get 25% off the required Oracle Training and Oracle Certification exams listed below:

Option 2: Take the Oracle Training and Oracle Certification upgrade exam within the Core Java Learning Subscription and get 25% off all core Java SE 11 digital offerings available.
  • Gain access to all core Java SE 11 training and certification materials with this new Learning Subscription.

Take Advantage of this exclusive Oracle User Group Champions Program Today!

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